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Little Zips Gift Guide: Useful Baby & Toddler Gifts

A baby wearing a red Santa Suit and opening a Christmas present.

There are thousands and thousands of adorable and fun baby and toddler gifts—but are they useful? When parents have little ones in the house, receiving yet another toy or loud trinket may be the last thing they want. While being grateful for the gifts received, many parents scream on the inside when they get gifts that do nothing more than take up space in their home. Let’s take a look at useful baby gifts and non-toy gifts for toddlers. 

Quiet Door Closure

If there’s a baby or toddler in the house who is a light sleeper, this gift is a must-have. There is literally nothing worse than finally getting a little one to sleep and then a door slams or closes too hard. A sleepy baby that has just been abruptly woken up is not a fun time for anyone in the house. Quiet door closers will help to keep the house a little more quiet during those precious early months of parenthood. 

Portable Sleeper and Changing Station

A portable sleeper and changing station is a useful baby gift that is functional and convenient. This multi-use gift offers parents tons of benefits. While being a safe and comfortable bed for small babies to take a nap while you’re out and about, it also offers a space to easily change diapers whenever necessary. This gift is great for parents who would rather not change their baby’s diapers in public bathrooms or use public changing stations. 

Purple Eucalyptus bodysuits with short and long sleeves.

Cute Outfits

Cute outfits will always be a useful baby and toddler gift. Children grow quickly, especially when they’re super young. With accidental spills, stains, and just everyday life as a young child, most parents would appreciate more cute outfits. Two-way zipper bodysuits serve as adorable outfits or comfy pajamas all year round!

Lessons or Classes

If you’re looking for a non-toy gift for toddlers, lessons or classes are the way to go. Gymnastics, dance, swimming, or karate are great ways for toddlers to burn their large amounts of energy while being positively stimulated or learning life-saving skills. Who knows? Toddler lessons or classes can easily be the start of a lifelong passion.

Food Maker

A food maker is a useful baby gift for parents who enjoy making their own baby food. Alongside making fresh purees for babies, a food maker can also make yummy applesauce and homemade ice cream for toddlers. A lot of parents love making their own baby food because they know exactly what’s in it and it’s also cheaper in most cases. 

Still Having Trouble Finding the Perfect Gift?

If you’re still not sure which useful baby gift or non-toy gift for a toddler would be best, ask the parents what they need. While most parents are appreciative of all gifts they receive, most parents would love it if people simply asked what was needed! By asking you, eliminate the unnecessary process of guessing and you’ll also be 100% sure the parents will be happy with the gift. 

If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, you can’t go wrong with our Little Zips bodysuits, available in adorable gender-neutral patterns, as well as ones for girls and boys. Check out our selection and get your holiday shopping done early to avoid shipping delays. Happy gifting!

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