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Our Top 5 Tips for New Parents

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If you’re a new parent, you may not have tons of time. So, let’s hop right into it! Let’s take a look at our top 5 tips for new parents.

Get as Much Sleep as Possible

This may be easier said than done when there’s a new baby in the house, but try to sleep when the baby sleeps. Trust us, we understand—how can you sleep when the baby sleeps if there’s laundry to fold, food to cook, and bathrooms to clean? While the home may have other needs, sleep comes first. An exhausted parent cannot be a productive team player, and that’s just facts.

It’s okay to not have a magazine-perfect home and folded laundry when you have a young baby. We promise, even if you’re judging yourself for the mess, your baby is not concerned at all. Skipping laundry for a day or two or choosing to order food instead of cooking may be one of your best parenting strategies. Sleep deprivation can increase the chances of mom and dad experiencing postpartum depression or baby blues, as well as make you feel on edge and incompetent.

Accept Help

This tip for new parents is an essential one: never hesitate to ask for or pay for help. While children only have two parents, they require a village to participate in their upbringing. Ask trustworthy friends and family to help you look after your baby as much as possible. If you’re not comfortable having other people look after your baby just yet, consider asking them to help you with laundry, dinner, and other things around the house. Either way, help will definitely be needed in some aspects.

If you don’t have access to free childcare or assistance from family or friends, consider hiring help as a parenting strategy. In most states and cities, there are credible companies that you can check out. In the event that you’re not able to hire a caregiver from a company, consider asking friends and neighbors with children for affordable and credible babysitter references.

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Take Care of Each Other

While caring for a new baby is a job within itself, a pro tip for new parents is to not forget your other jobs. If you’re in a relationship, set aside time for your main squeeze. A new baby adds a totally different dynamic to relationships, but that doesn’t mean that the love you have for one another disappears. While your relationship will require different things after a baby, it still relies on the same connection.

While someone else is caring for your baby, enjoy a dinner date outside of the house or even a simple walk in the park. If you’re not quite in the mood for leaving the house, spend time cuddling on the couch or cooking together.

If you’re not in a relationship, this tip for new parents still applies to you. Take care of yourself by enjoying activities you enjoyed pre-baby. Meet up with friends, head to the spa, or watch your favorite movies.

Don’t Compare

If you overheard the woman in front of you in the line at the coffee shop raving about how her baby has been sleeping through the night since day one and you’re currently running on fumes dealing with sleep regression, let it go. Not comparing is one of the best parenting strategies to have in your game plan. Your parenting journey will not be the same as anyone else’s!

Follow Your Instincts

When you’re a parent, your instincts are probably always right. Your in-laws may tell you what to feed your baby, your parents may tell you how to dress your baby, and your friends may tell you what your baby needs in any other aspect of life. A tip for new parents is to not feel pressured to do anything that doesn’t feel 100% right, regardless of where the advice is coming from.


Whether this is your first baby or your sixth, you’ve got this! Enjoy the exciting rollercoaster of parenthood and take it easy on yourself. From baby clothes to parenting strategies, Little Zips has got your back. Check back on our blog to stay up-to-date with our favorite tips and tricks!

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