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5 Simple Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

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Washing baby clothes does not have to be stressful, and you should be able to wash your baby’s clothes while resting or doing other things. Let’s take a look at how to wash onesies, simple and headache-free!

Follow Washing Instructions

Most baby outfits will have instructions posted on the purchase page, as well as on the tag of the clothing. Never guess or assume how you should wash baby clothes. Always follow these instructions to the best of your abilities to make life hassle-free.

Note: For our Little Zips onesies, you can also find these instructions on each of our product pages!

Wash Baby's Clothes Separately

For at least the first 100 days of their lives, it is recommended to wash your baby’s clothes separately from the rest of the load. Babies have super sensitive skin, and the great big world is an incredibly harsh environment. To ensure that your little one’s new favorite outfit won’t irritate their skin, it’s always best to pre-wash our Little Zips (or any other baby outfit) before first use and take special care and attention to use products designed specifically for babies.

Pre-Soak in Hot Water

When you wash baby clothes, a good practice is to pre-soak them in hot water. Pre-soaking before placing your items in the washing machine will kill any stubborn germs that could upset your baby’s delicate immune system. It’s not a step that will need to be done through your child’s life, either—as they grow, they will build up a great immunity to the world.

Pre-soaking during the newborn phase is great, and it can help tackle pesky stains before the wash cycle begins. Always try to soak and hand-wash stains before throwing baby clothes into the washer (though we know that’s sometimes easier said than done!).

Purple Eucalyptus onesie flat lays

Use Sensitive Baby-Friendly Detergent

When it comes down to how to wash onesies, like our Little Zips, the detergent you use should definitely have some thought put into it. Choose a sensitive and baby-friendly detergent to wash your baby clothes, especially during the first few months of your little one’s life.

There are many detergents you can choose from. Read labels, do research, and choose one that you feel is best for your household. As long as there isn’t an issue, it’s best to stick to one detergent and softener.  If you choose a detergent that you already know your baby’s skin agrees with, you can wash their clothes worry-free without having to stress about allergic reactions or irritations.

Soak After Washing

If you have a baby with super sensitive skin, you may want to take an extra step when washing their baby clothes. Soaking them in warm water after washing can help dilute any leftover detergent and kill allergenic bacteria.

After the warm soak, line dry your baby’s clothes in the sun or lay flat near a heat source. Heat is a natural disinfectant, which will take your laundry routine to the next level.

Don’t Stress too Much

If you’re a new parent and you’re wondering how to wash onesies, you’ve got this. We know that getting into the groove during the first few weeks or months can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry about messing up here or there!

Just do your best, and be sure to check out our blog and FAQs for additional care instructions and helpful tips to get you through those first few months. Or, if you need to stock up on new baby clothes for your little one, why not explore our selection of adorable designs for boys and girls!

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