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Zippers vs. Snaps: Which Are the Best Onesies for Babies & Toddlers?

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Dressing your baby should not be on your list of “parent stressors.” Make parenting a little easier with comfortable, functional, and cute outfits that contribute to an easier day. Let’s take a look at zippers vs. snaps to find out which are the best onesies for babies.

Zippers vs. Snaps

When considering different types of baby clothes, the most common style you’ll find will be snap onesies. However, popularity doesn’t always indicate the best option available. Snap onesies, by their very nature, require snapping and unsnapping each button one by one, which can make dressing and undressing your baby feel like a dreadful chore. They can be especially challenging if you’re dealing with a fussy baby, messy diapers, or all of the above.

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Zipper onesies, on the other hand, are quick and easy. All it takes is one swift motion and your baby is dressed or undressed just like that! Many parents prefer zippers over snaps because they’re faster. When you’re heading out with your little one or even just getting ready to spend a day at home, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time getting dressed.

With zipper onesies, you won’t have to worry about missing a button and having to start all over—especially if you’re dressing a wiggly baby who would prefer to not be bothered. Let’s take a deeper look at why zipper onesies are the best onesies for babies.


Zipper onesies provide families with functionality. With a two-way zipper onesie you can:

  • Cut diaper changing time in half
  • Easily change clothes, especially after messy diaper accidents
  • Safely zip up or down with built-in zipper covers—no accidental pinching!
  • Change diapers without completely undressing your baby

Whether you’re heading out or staying in for the day, a two-way zipper onesie will get the job done.


Zipper onesies are the best type of baby clothing because they offer your baby:

    • Comfort all day long — Made with high-quality materials and a stretch fit, our soft two-way zipper onesies will keep your baby comfortable all day long.

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  • Built-in feet and handcuffs — Built-in feet and handcuffs will keep your baby extra warm and cozy during cooler months. During warmer months, you can neatly tuck away the built-in cuffs to keep your baby cool.

Our two-way zipper onesie foot cuffs are designed with anti-slip foot grips, allowing you to put your mind at ease while your baby explores. Feet and handcuffs are also great for preventing scratches and self-inflicted injuries.


Aside from being functional and keeping your baby comfortable, two-way zipper onesies are the best onesies for babies because they’re stylish. Our zipper onesies can easily work for going out, staying in, or both. Whether you’re heading to lunch, a play date, or grandma’s house—your baby will look and feel their best. With our zipper onesies, you’ll never have to sacrifice style for functionality. You can have both!

Get Your Stylish, Functional Onesies from Little Zips

At Little Zips, we’re dedicated to keeping your little ones comfortable and adorable in the best onesies for babies and toddlers. Shop our selection of baby outfits for boys and girls to discover our unique designs, functional features, and see firsthand what the hype is all about.

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