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5 Cute Newborn Girl Outfit Tips

Baby in a pink knit cap

Newborns are cute, squishy, and just perfect! And what better way to embrace all that cuteness than by styling your little girl in a totally adorable outfit? To get started, let’s take a quick look at our top 5 cute newborn girl outfit ideas. You’ll absolutely love looking back at photos of your baby girl in these outfits when she’s all grown up.

Style Your Baby Girl’s Onesie with a Beautiful Bow

Onesies are usually the most comfortable style for babies. They’re soft, warm, and functional. So if you’re wondering how to dress a baby girl in an outfit fit for a little princess, start by accessorizing her onesie with a beautiful bow! Here are some must-have colors for your baby girl’s bow collection:

  • White — A white bow will look stunning with any onesie, especially those with pink and floral designs
  • Blue — Blue bows will look great with white, green, or yellow onesies
  • Purple — Purple bows are great for adding pops of color to neutral onesies
  • Yellow — Accessorize your baby girl in yellow bows during spring and summer for the perfect finishing touch to any outfit

Bows add that perfect touch of style, all while keeping your little one cool and comfortable. That’s not to mention that dressing up a onesie with the right accessories makes parenthood so much easier. If your baby falls asleep or gets cranky before you head back home, you don’t have to worry about changing their clothes. Simply take off their accessories and voila! They’re already dressed for snuggles and cuddles.

Baby socks on a clothesline

Add Some Fun & Funky Socks

You can usually find socks for newborns that feature really cute designs—some even look like little shoes! Pair any of our Little Zips onesies with adorable baby socks to create a cute newborn girl outfit that’s comfortable and stylish. Switch up your baby girl’s style by trying different socks with each of your favorite designs. Build your babies sock collection with the following styles:

  • Socks that look like shoes — Baby girl socks that look like shoes will typically have ruffles or flowers around the ankles. They will usually have lines that replicate shoe straps and “soles” at the bottom. These styles are great for taking babies out to formal settings (church, graduations, dinner, etc). Your baby girl will look elegantly dressed while having super comfy and warm feet.
  • Socks with animals and characters — Socks with animals and characters can make any outfit cute with minimal effort. Style with a simple onesie, like our Purple Eucalyptus style, for an adorable, must-see look.

Bibs Aren’t Just for Cleaning Up

When you’re wondering how to dress a baby girl in a cute newborn girl outfit, bibs may not cross your mind—but these days, bibs are stylish and the perfect accessory. There are so many different color and design options to choose from, and of course, they’ll keep drooling babies from wetting their chests. Overall, bibs can definitely double up on functionality and cuteness.

Build your baby girl’s bib collection with the following:

  • Graphic bibs — Everyone loves bibs with cute sayings. Graphic bibs are great for dressing up white, plain, or neutrally designed onesies. 
  • Bibs with bows and flowers — Bibs with bow and flower designs are great for parents who prefer not to use head accessories just yet. They’re even great for parents who love hair accessories but want to add another layer to their little one’s style.
  • Bandana-style bibs — The cut and design of a bandana-style bib is super trendy, modern, and cute. These are perfect for parents looking for a more edgy look.
  • Matching sets — If you want to use both bibs and hair accessories, there are plenty of matching sets available. When you purchase a matching pair, you can be sure that your baby girl’s bib and bow will look stunning together!

Baby wearing a pink floral headband

Embrace the Flower Power with a Flower Headband

Like bows, flower headbands are a must-have for your baby’s wardrobe, and they’re the perfect addition to any newborn’s outfit. Pair floral headbands with nature-inspired onesies or adorable rainbow onesies for a sweet look that’s perfect for spring or summer.

When accessorizing your baby girl with a headband, make sure that it isn’t too tight. You can stretch headbands before us by placing them around a book or even your own head for a few hours. Stretching headbands before placing them on your baby will ensure comfort for both of you.

Keep Your Little One Cozy with Hats & Caps

Hats and caps are great accessories to complete your cute newborn girl outfits. Hats are especially perfect for babies who don’t have much hair yet. Keep their little heads warm while adorably accessorizing them!

Just like bibs, socks, and everything else baby, you can usually find caps with insanely cute designs. And best of all, they usually come in packs. Try different cap styles every day and be sure to take lots of pictures!

Create the Cutest Outfits for Your Baby Girl

Our Little Zips outfits may seem like the perfect pajamas, but they can go beyond that with the simple addition of a stylish accessory. Whether you opt for adorable socks, a flower headband, or a cozy knit cap, your little girl will look absolutely stunning in her favorite outfit! Shop Little Zips now or check out the blog for more style inspiration and parenting tips and tricks!

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