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Top 5 Unique Gifts for Expecting Parents

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Check Out 5 of the BEST Gift Ideas for New Parents

Choosing the perfect gift for an expecting or new parent can be challenging. You want to find a gift that both parents and baby can enjoy, one that is practical but fun, unique but useful. Thankfully, Little Zips is here to help! Read on to discover our top 5 gift ideas for new and expecting parents.

  1. Little Zips Onesies

    When it comes to finding the perfect unique gifts for expecting parents, you can’t go wrong with a Little Zips onesie. Something parents quickly realize once they get home with their new baby is how ridiculous and inconvenient buttons and snaps are. Every Little Zips baby onesie comes with two-way zippers, which are super easy for parents to use during those late-night diaper changes. These cute, stylish, and super soft outfits are some of the best baby shower gifts online.

  2. Pregnancy and Newborn Journals

    These sentimental gifts are the sweetest keepsake for pregnancy and baby’s first year! They serve as a guidebook, medical log, journal, and scrapbook for everything Mom wants to remember during this special time with baby. It’s a fabulous, unique gift for any expecting parent, whether they’re having their first baby or their tenth!

  3. Wearable Baby Monitors

    These little devices make all parents feel at ease. Simply slide them onto your baby’s foot when they go down to sleep and you can monitor their heart rate and oxygen levels, and be immediately alerted if something doesn’t look quite right. This will help new parents feel a little less stressed, and can be a valuable asset in helping them make the most of those few hours of sleep!

  4. Mommy Survival Kit

    This is one of the most unique gifts for expecting parents, and the options are endless! Every Mom and Dad are different, and this survival kit can include essentials for the baby and essentials for them, as well! Consider including a book they love to read, chocolate, wine, or even some DVDs! You can even add a perfect Little Zips onesie for their little boy or girl. You will have a blast deciding which gifts to include in this kit, and we Mom and Dad are sure to love it, too!

  5. Door Silencer

    What is the most important thing for those lovely newborn babies (and their new parents)? Sleep, of course! As parents, one of the worst things we can do is open that door to check on the little one and make so much noise that it wakes them up! It happens all the time, but with a door silencer, it can be avoided. You can find these unique baby shower gifts everywhere online, and they’re perfect for new and expecting parents!
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Give a Gift That’s Bright, Beautiful, and Practical

Finding unique gifts for a new or expecting parent can be challenging, but you can’t go wrong with Little Zips! With gorgeous designs and fun, vibrant colors, our onesies are sure to stand out and keep your little one looking beautiful.

From learning to crawl to taking their first steps, our Little Zips are made with a blend of cotton and spandex designed to keep your baby comfortable. The super-soft feel of these onesies keeps your little one cozy while the slight stretch of the fabric allows your child to grow into their outfit.

How do we know the babies are comfortable? One of the key ways to measure a baby’s comfort is to keep track of their mood. Are they frustrated? Happy? Most importantly, how are they sleeping? If a child generally sleeps for eight hours but wakes up thirty minutes after putting on their new outfit, it’s probably not the best fit. But many children sleep up to nine hours straight in their Little Zips!

If you’re looking to get some baby outfits for the new or expecting parent in your life, look no further. These unique gifts for expecting parents keep babies cute, comfortable, and happy! Shop our selection today and enjoy free standard shipping on orders in the United States.

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